I hear your whispers
Inside empty rooms
Where your feet once tread
Every afternoon
Every evening’s retire
In this bed I now share
With only the faintest
Scent of you there
I thought it your shadow
That darkened the door
Certain your footsteps
Were creaking the floor
My heart livened lightly
My breath tripped and caught
And my skin could feel you
But you, it was not
What I hear calling
Is only the wind
Is the sigh of a memory
Of the places you’ve been
The kisses I feel
The flush that creeps up
They’re just as much you
As the you they are not
But I still hear you whisper
With each gloaming new
On warm kiss of air
“I will always love you.”


Echoes on the Stairs Copyright © 2015 by Felicity Johns. All Rights Reserved.


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