To want too much
Or to not give enough
To beg one more touch
Or deny any lust
To whisper the words
Or scream the absurd
To sob out a dirge
Or leave it unheard
I could tell you it’s love
That I keep dreaming of
Or assure you your friendship
Is more than enough
I could kiss your mouth
Then deny it aloud
Or brush only your cheek-
Do you believe me now?
I could tell you of heartbreak
When you go away-
I could show you the stakes
Of this game we both play-
I could threaten and cry
I could show you the knife
I could stand on the ledge
And prove that I’d die-
For you, baby, anything
Even pretending
If that’s what you’re needing
Then that’s what I’m giving-
Because wanting too much
Or not wanting enough
Walk hand in hand
Through this mine-field called Love.


Echoes on the Stairs Copyright © 2015 by Felicity Johns. All Rights Reserved.


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