Nothing More

Thoughts of you
It’s war,
Bound and tied
Within walls
Apathetic and reaching
Sympathetic, beseeching
A memory
Washed in red
But left
To lie, to die
To cry on a killing room floor
This thought
Is you
And nothing more-

Dreams in black and
Dove gray flicker
Bleeding breast
You weave the rest
And leave the best
On the curb
It’s war,
Inside a mind
Littered with ifs and maybes
That never come
A forever love
Rotting in the bin-
This thought
Was that
And nothing more-

A kiss for the war
The chaos
Left writhing in satin
Inside a gasp, a moan
Left to laugh, alone
The stain crawls
Across the linen
I say it’s for you
But it’s not-
Washed out to sea
Cast out to be
Just another roaming ghost
With no memory
Or thought to live
Of yesterday
Of nothing more-

A quiet mind
No slamming doors
Or honking horns
This war is won or lost
At the cost of us
This thought
Is us
And is nothing more.


Nothing More Copyright © 2015 by Felicity Johns. All Rights Reserved.


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