Once dead
I stand and walk
Out from the bowels
Of the darkest dark
I saw him, his face
His leering grin
It was hand-to-hand combat
Without any win
Where I’ve been
And what I’ve done
In those hours, those days
That I’ve been gone
I barely remember
But for the marks
I bear on my soul
These bruises and scars
And the demon memory
Is always there
Since earliest childhood
It’s everywhere
I can smile anyway
On ordinary days
I can smile the evil-
ness away
I can tell him no
I don’t want to play
I won’t be sad, no
Not today
And it’s okay
He slinks away

Demon Darkness
On my breast
Give your wanton
Words a rest
See me smile
And know you’ve lost
Don’t give me
Another thought.


Echoes on the Stairs Copyright © 2015 by Felicity Johns. All Rights Reserved.


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