Time Erased

Our bodies move
against a current
whose ebb and flow
eddies, stirring
deep within us
passions buried
find them now with
silent fury
Raking mouths
awaken feelings
lusts that wait
like monsters sleeping
Your swollen shaft
it brands my palm
your hands ignite
then soothe like balm-
We lie here, weighted
by this night
that claims our future
dims our sight
for all I see
and taste and feel
is skin and sweat
and silk and steel-
These clinging arms
and legs that wrap
these lips that pull
and nails that scratch
This all is me
it all is love
it’s desperation
impossible lust-
and what we take
away from now
of each, the other
eternal vows-
So ride this moment
out with me
This, our chance
at ecstasy
and feel the cry
slip ‘cross your skin
feel your blood rise
taste again
this berried nectar
honeyed dew
from my lips
to nourish you
Palm on palm
fingers laced
tongues and come
and time erased.


Echoes on the Stairs Copyright © 2015 by Felicity Johns. All Rights Reserved.


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